4W1H Formula – The Complete Proposal Checklist

Now you have found the person you want to spend your whole life with, and the feeling are mutual. You guys love each other’s so much so that you cannot imagine any single without your partner. You’re perfectly fine before they come into your life, but now since you find the one, your life incomplete without them. Even though they are the one that makes your hormone going crazy, your emotion being torture and you questioned every decision, you still want them. Because the heart wants what it wants. No brain can beat heart when it comes to love. Simply because love is blind. Now you have a stable relationship and you are ready for your next step in life. What comes after relationship but before marriage? That’s correct. Proposal. Making proposal planning is quite tiring so you surely do not want to miss a single thing that can ruin the day. Before you’re going to proceed with proposal checklist, lets get an idea from these perfect proposal.


Finished? Let’s proceed with the checklist so you do not miss a thing during that important day through 4W1H FORMULA (WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE, HOW).

1) WHAT kind of ring
The symbolic of proposal and a huge statement to tell everyone that she is yours (or going to be) is RING. Find out what kind of ring style that she likes because there are so many ring styles out there. From low set, high set, solitaire, band, floating band, to the types of stone whether colored or translucent, it’s surely can cause headache. The tip is, if you do not want to be obvious to her, you can try to get opinion from her female family member because they know her the best. You can open your social media like Instagram, go to #engagementrings and see the top post. Narrow down your option to the style that suit her. If she is simple type person that dress up casually during event, too much bling and big stones isn’t probably a good idea.

2) WHO you want to be involved in the planning.
Parent’s blessings would be the factor that can either make or break the deal especially when she is a family type person. You surely need to get her parent’s approval before popping the question so that the process would go smoothly. It would be great if you can sit down with her parent, face to face and show your commitment, but if it happens that they are far away and impossible to meet, call and slow talk with them. After getting approval, kindly ask for her best friend’s help to assist in the process. Especially in getting your partner’s opinion on marriage. This is just to make sure that she is ready when you propose.

3) WHEN you want to propose.
The best time to propose is when she expect it the lease. There is no right time and it really depends on individual preference. But, please make sure that the time is suitable by asking her schedule through her friends. Do not ever propose during stressful time like near final exam, project due date or overdue task. Right timing is important because you don’t want to add on things that she needs to think about during some of crucial moment in her life. Being married is a huge step so surely she does not want to rush into it unless it is something that she already think about.

4) WHERE to propose.
Do you still remember where your first date was? Or romantic park near her house that you guys always spend the night out? Or her favorite restaurants? You can also propose at a place that you guys never been to but in her wish list. Or bring her to do some outdoor activities like this guy:

Aww. So sweet isn’t it? This is where you can let your creativity go wild.

5) HOW to propose.
Surely this related to the above point. It comes hand in hand with where you want to make your proposal. Survey several places, and get help from her family and friends to narrow down the list. Make sure they don’t let the cat out of the bags. If someone spill the beans, that isn’t fun right? Make sure all the people who know about your proposal planning keep their lips tight. Do not forget to take videos and pictures of this moment so you can include it in your wedding video (after she says yes, of course).

That’s the entire basic proposal checklist that you need. There is no denying that while doing these checklist, you cannot help but being nervous about her decision. No matter how long you have been together, there is no guarantee that she is ready to settle down and take the next step in the relationship. Always keep in mind that, there is a chance that she can say NO. If she says no, do not be heartbroken because she may be want to be with you for the rest of her life too, but there is something that hold her back. Figure that out and ensure her that you want to commit wholeheartedly and you are serious with her.

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