Dālē and Præmie Collection

Dālē Collection based material is made from 18K Alloy (resembles old white gold) which is the plated with platinum and using nano electroplating techniques which making the plating last longer than usual plating.

Præmie Collection is another version of plated jewelry range but upgraded version with silver 925 as the based material. When the plating faded, it will leave you with S925 material.

Like other plated jewelry the coating will eventually fade but you can make the plating last long by avoiding contact with perfume, skincare, lotion and harsh chemical. someone with acidic sweat, your plated jewelry will have shorter lasting time.

For acidic sweat person, or those who can’t help but wear hand lotion, you can always opt for our Haut de Gamme Collection, which is made from 18K Solid Gold. It will not fade when contact with perfume, lotion or skincare and have resell value.

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