Haut de Gamme

Haut de gamme, as it names, is our most exclusive range. Made from 18K solid gold, pair with highest quality of lab diamond, moissanite or even real diamonds, this collection surely perfect to enhance your luxury look and up to date style. Each of the jewelries is carefully created by our designers, which is then send to our meticulous goldsmith to pair with our stone that is handpicked to make sure we deliver the best quality product, into your hands.

Two types of version available which is pre-design for you and another one is custom made. For pre-design jewelries, u can always check it out at our website. If you have special design request, that symbolizes your relationship or special bonding, you are always welcome to contact our consultant. We will guide you through every step of the way in choosing the design and material according that will represent the best version of you.

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