Mawar bracelet - the exceptional rose to wear on your wrist

I, Woman, am that wonder-breathing rose that blossoms in the garden of the King – Elsa Barker

Rose Diamond Bracelet

Outstanding diamond bracelet is like the perfect spices,
it always complements what’s already there.

Roses are very special flower and always associated to women. In Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love, Aprodite use roses around her feet, neck and head to enhance her elegance. Roses have different colors, and each of them represents different meaning. Red roses usually use to express love, while burgundy roses are symbol of deep passion. So what is this 18K Rose Gold Mawar Diamond Bracelet mean?

It is named as Mawar, which mean roses in Malay. Real roses has always stand out because of it musk fragrant. The powerful smell are what make it so special that you cannot help but to take a sniff when you received it. The perfect 18K gold to pair with this special design is Rose Gold, also called as Pink Gold by some. Like pink roses, this bracelet are reminiscent of dignity, elegance, grace and admiration.

Real diamond surround the rose petals and single diamond on the other open side beautify the bracelet. Diamond is a girl best friend, isn’t it? The sparkle will definitely swoon anyone off their feet and no women would say no to diamond. It is amazing how ordinary carbon turned into diamonds under high pressure and temperature. It takes up to hundred thousands years to form and this is why they are more desirable. It is rare and high price.

What not to love about this Mawar Diamond Bracelet? Not only that it is a rose that will never wilt and die, it is also a rose that shines and sparkles. Wrap it around your wrist. Let the light that hit diamond reflect, refrect and disperse to announce your present.

You can complain because the roses have thorns, or be grateful because the thorns have roses – Ziggy